Livspace Reviews: Christmas 2021 Was All Shades of Jolly!

Moving into a new place is somewhat of a bittersweet journey. You feel a tinge of sadness about having to leave a space where you and your loved ones have created memories to last a lifetime, but at the same time there is an sense of excitement attached to moving into your new place and turning it into the home you desire. One of the main aspects of turning a house into a haven of your choice is by including interiors that showcase your originality, personality and ideas. For the interiors at my new place, I approached the upcoming yet established home interiors and renovation mogul, Livspace. Excitement grew tenfold because they did an incredible job at renovating the space. What’s more, we got to move in just a few days before Christmas, so we had ample time to soak in this new home and start off our journey in this new place celebrating such a joyful festival. Christmas 2021 was truly the most wonderful time of the year!

A Livspace designed living room

From the beginning, we were clear about trying to make the living room as open and spacious-looking as possible. Large windows, soft tones for the walls and furniture, and ensuring every corner served a purpose. We went for soft grey walls and marble flooring. Overall, a modern approach is what we aimed for and Livspace did complete justice to that vision. To add a touch of old school feels, we got a stone mantle installed. Initially, we were to move in during the week between Christmas and New Year. But Livspace ended up finishing the work a week in advance so we got to celebrate Christmas — our family’s favourite festival — in our new home. As I stood back and took in the stunning look of the wooden TV cabinets that we decorated with Christmas bells and hung our stockings on, it brought on a feeling of peaceful contentment that I was longing for in my previous home.

Merry Cooking in The Modular Kitchen

No Christmas is complete without the sweet smell of baked goods emanating from the kitchen counter as soon as you wake up. Fortunately for me, I got to experience the pleasure of baking such tasty goodies in a tastefully curated kitchen space. We opted for an open kitchen since it felt more inviting. We opted for the modular kitchen since most Livspace reviews we came across, spoke highly of the style. Storage was an important aspect and we stressed that while discussing our ideas with the interior designer, Apeksha. Needless to say, she integrated storage ideas so perfectly into the design and the eventual execution.

A Cosy Nook to Sleep in

Walking around on the sleek wooden flooring of my bedroom and looking around at the warm colours we opted for my room, really made me feel so cosy. We went for slightly larger windows to welcome in more of that natural light. I had read in one of the Livspace reviews that the interior design company makes personalised furniture so I had workspace created in one nook of the room. My desk came with drawers on either side and there were shelves running up the wall, perfect for me to decorate this space the way I want it. It felt so good getting to sit at my desk and then lie down on plush bed.

A Cheery Christmas For The Kids

A child’s bedroom is a place where their imagination can be fostered to transgress any limits, so we ensured to pick out interiors that mimic support such a cause. The children’s bedrooms had bubbly shades of wallpaper, wardrobes with a glossy finish, and a wooden study table, that gave the whole atmosphere a very sleek look. With the suggestions of the designers at Livspace, we opted for a false ceiling for their bedrooms, in order to give the rooms a very spacious outlook. The kids seemed to be most excited about moving into the new house. They had so much more place to play and storage space for their toys!

Pristine Perfect Bathrooms

The oval mirror and the wooden cabinets underneath it gave the whole space a very sleek look. Contemporary wallpaper, slightly darker paint tones, as well as a separate designated shower space, allowed us to make full use of the available space to build a truly spacious washroom. We needed the bathrooms to be designed in a manner that it is kid-friendly.

A Christmas To Remember!

Moving in just in time for Christmas, gave us the opportunity to bask under the light of better future prospects, and the gratitude of living in such a beautiful new home. An inviting foyer with a matte finish, the scent of rich plump cake sitting on the wooden table of the dining room, and the patio decked with gigantic ribbons and fabric, my first Christmas in such a homely place, will be something that I cherish for generations to come. It was really a great experience working with Livspace. They have truly brought life to our vision for the house and made it such a joyful experience by letting us move in just in time for Christmas!




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